Brazos Bend State Park
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Gator Hatch

21st Annual Brazos Bend
Butterfly Count
Sunday, October 2, 2016  

Eastern Tailed-Blue by Jerry Eppner


Where: 40 Acre Lake parking lot - meet at 9:00 am
We gather at the Elm Lake picnic ground at 12:30 to tally our preliminary results and eat our sack lunches.
What to Bring: Lunch, drinking water, mosquito repellant, sun protection, and (if you have them) butterfly field guides, close-focusing binoculars and camera
Qualifications: All levels welcome - especially beginners
Experienced leadership for all groups
Enthusiasm and love of butterflies and the outdoors
NABA Fee: North American Butterfly Association fee of $3.00 for each participant. Park entry fee is waived for butterfly counters.
Count Circle: 15 mile diameter circle. In the morning we focus primarily on several areas within the Park. Those who wish to continue in the afternoon can survey other areas within the circle.
History: The first count in 1995 observed 392 butterflies of 30 species.
The record count of 2001 saw 5340 butterflies of 57 species.
Last Year
An Eastern Tailed-Blue, a species never previously reported at Brazos Bend, became the 101st species on the Park Checklist. There was also a record number of 317 Phaon Crescents. A total of 1181 individuals of 42 species were reported.
Contact: Compiler - Rich Jespersen It is not necessary to pre-register.
Checklist: A list of Butterflies of Brazos Bend State Park.

Updated: Sep 12, 2016