Brazos Bend State Park
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Gator Hatch


Nature Center

It is said we will only conserve what we love and we will only love what we understand. The nature center, open Friday – Sunday 11am – 3pm, is a great starting point for understanding what makes Brazos Bend.  Children (and adults) are invited to enjoy some of our wildlife and pond life up close.

Children can join our Junior Naturalist Club by seeking out exhibits in the park.

And don’t forget to stop in at the gift shop to pick up a snack and cold drink for the trail or a souvenir to bring home to the grandchildren. 

The park is almost 5,000 acres of Brazos River floodplains and flat upland coastal prairies which support an abundant and diverse wildlife population.  Get a better understanding of our fragile environment by exploring our informative exhibits. 
Get a safe close up of our nature center residents - the alligators, snakes and tarantula.
Pond Life
What's beneath all the water in the park?  Come see our pond life aquarium to find out.
Junior Naturalist Club
To earn a Junior Naturalist patch, print the requirements for the Fawn, Raccoon, or Bobcat patch. Then explore the park to answer the questions on each checklist.  Upon completion bring the checklist to the Nature Center to receive your patch.
Volunteer Organization
Gift Shop

Where's that bug spray when you need it?  At our gift shop, of course.  Come see our selection of souvenirs, t-shirts, books, refreshments and necessities.

Updated: Jun 15, 2020