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Scientific Research at Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend supports several unique ecosystems which were once much more common but now serve as oases for many forms of plant and animal life. As a result of this diversity, the park has served as a research and data collection site for many scientific projects. In fulfillment of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's mission to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas, the park is proud to support research which contributes to our scientific knoweldge.

This section provides basic information on past and ongoing research conducted at the park. We encourage visitors, educators and researchers to take a look at the many interesting projects. If you are interested in conducting scientific research at the park, we encourage you to contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Wildlife Division. The Division issues scientific research permits which are required for research to be conducted in the park. For information about permits you can contact Dr. David Riskind at

Brazos Bend Research
Name Institution Start Year
Research Subject
Conway, Warren Stephen F Austin University 2009-Manuscript(s) in preparation
Impact of exotic plants and land use in wintering bird populations
Danielson-Francois, Anne Rice University/University of Michigan-Dearborn Manuscript(s) in preparation
Golden orb-weaver spider (Nephila clavipes) behavior
Donnelly, Thomas W. "Nick" State University of New York-Binghamton (Emeritus) Ongoing
Dragonfly habitat and species hybrids (Epitheca petechialis, E. costalis, E. cynosura)
Dowler, Robert C. Angelo State University
Mammal Survey
Dunkle, Sidney Collin County Community College 2000
Dragonfly surveys - Odonata
Eversole, Cord Texas A&M-Kingsville Ongoing
Effect of habitat quality and species density on American Alligator populations
Gilbert, Lawrence (project overseen by LeBrun, Ed) University of Texas at Austin 2005-
Phorid flies to control fire ants
Hayes-Odum, Louise A. Texas A&M University 1985
American alligator nesting habits at inland sites
Malone, John H. Texas A&M University 1997
Amphibian decline
Rosen, David Lee College Ongoing
Flora, coastal praire
Rowland, J. Mark University of New Mexico Ongoing
Facultative male trimorphism and breeding behavior in dung beetles
Rudolf, Volker Rice University
Aquatic Community Ecology
Slotten, Jeffrey Unaffiliated
Cane moths
Stamper, Trevor Findlay University Manuscript(s) in preparation
Carrion flies in forensics
Strassman, J.E. Rice University
Social wasps and absence of within-colony kin discrimination
Thangamani, Saravanan University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston Onging

Updated: Oct 14, 2019