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1. Why do you want to volunteer at Brazos Bend State Park? What benefits do you expect?

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Volunteer support is needed in the following categories.   You will not be limited to categories checked.    Initial and ongoing training is provided for each.    This information will aid in achieving individual satisfaction as well as park needs.    Please check all that you are interested in.

NATURE CENTER INFORMATION DESK: Weekdays 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m; Weekends 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Also open on most holidays.

VOLUNTEER GIFT SHOP OPERATON: Same time as the Visitor Center.

EDUCATION and INTERPRETATION: Conducting hikes and programs for the general public and school groups.

ROVING INTERPRETATION: Assisting Park Naturalist on the hiking trails. Done on foot or by bicycle

OUTREACH EVENTS: Travel with other members to festivals, schools, libraries, etc., promoting nature conservation and environmental education.

GENERAL PARK MAINTENANCE: Assisting in trail maintenance, vegetation control, landscaping, minor construction, litter control, and environmental awareness.

FUNDRAISING: Soliciting donations to help support the organization and its efforts.

RESEARCH: Assist in various ongoing projects ranging from amphibian population studies to small mammal census, vegetation plot sampling, bird and butterfly counts and water quality monitoring.


All volunteers accepted for training must complete hands-on training in nature center, gift shop operation, educational and interpretive program presentation, roving interpretation and general maintenance.   Depending on your area(s) of interest, specialized training will be given once these mandatory requirements are met.

Brazos Bend State Park Volunteer Organization
21901 FM 762
Needville, TX 77461

For questions contact:

Volunteer Organization Training Coordinator

Updated: Jul 06, 2019