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Spiders of Brazos Bend State Park


This list is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of spiders. It is a listing of common spiders that one may come in contact with at the Park as well as some uncommon spiders that one may not see on a regular basis.

Some spiders will not have species listed since species are so similar and difficult to distinguish that listing by family and genera is adequate. Common names will very greatly and there may be several common names for one species and some may not have a common name.

Family Group Genera Species Common Name
ARANEIDAE Araneus cavaticus Barn Spider
ARANEIDAE Araneus detrimentosus Orbweaver
ARANEIDAE Araneus diadematus Cross spider, Garden spider
ARANEIDAE Araneus nordmanni  
ARANEIDAE Araneus marmoreus Marbled spider
ARANEIDAE Araneus thaddeus Lattice spider
ARANEIDAE Araneus trifolium Shamrock spider
ARANEIDAE Argiope aurantia Yellow garden argiope, Garden spider
ARANEIDAE Argiope trifasciata Bannded argiope, Garden spider
ARANEIDAE Cyclosa Trash web Spider
ARANEIDAE Gasteracantha cancriformis Spiny backed spider, Crab spider
ARANEIDAE Larina directa  
ARANEIDAE Mastophora Bolas Spider
ARANEIDAE Mecynogea lemniscata Basilica spider
ARANEIDAE Micrathena sagittata Arrowshaped micrathena
ARANEIDAE Nephila clavipes Goldensilk spider, Bannana spider
CTENIZIDAE Ummidia Trapdoor Spider
FILISTATIDAE Kukulcania hibernalis Cob web spider, Crevice weaver
LINYPHIIDAE Pityohyphantes Hammock Spider
OXYOPIDAE Hamataliwa grisea Lynx Spider
OXYOPIDAE Oxyopes aureus Golden lynx spider, Brown lynx
OXYOPIDAE Peucetia viridans Green lynx spider
PHILODROMIDAE Tibellus oblongus Grass spider, Crab spider
PISAURIDAE Dolomedes albineus Whitelined Nursery web Spider
PISAURIDAE Pisaurina mira Nursery web spider
PISAURIDAE Dolomedes tenebrosus Nursery web spider
PISAURIDAE Dolomedes triton Six spotted fishing spider
SALTICIDAE Hentzia palmorum Jumping spider
SALTICIDAE Lyssomanes viridis Jumping spider
SALTICIDAE Marpissa pikei Jumping spider
SALTICIDAE Peckhamia picata Ant-like jumper
SALTICIDAE Pelegrina galathea Jumping spider
SALTICIDAE Phidippus audax Jumping spider
SALTICIDAE Plexippus paykulli Jumping spider
SALTICIDAE Thiodina sylvana Jumping spider
SCYTODIDAE Scytodes Spitting Spider
TETRAGNATHIDAE Tetragnatha pallescens Long jawed orb weaver
THERAPHOSIDAE Aphonopelma sp. Tarantula
THERIDIIDAE Achaearanea tepidariorum American House Spider
THERIDIIDAE Latrodectus mactans Black Widow
THOMISIDAE Tmarus angulatus Crab spider

Source listing:
Advances in Spider Taxonomy 1988-1991 by Norman I. Platnick
Advances in Spider Taxonomy 1992-1995 by Norman I. Platnick
Common Spiders of the United States by James H. Emerton
Spiders and Scorpions of Texas by John A. Jackman
Spiders and Their Kin by Herbert and Lorna Levi
This list was compiled by Chuck Duplant, Brazos Bend State Park Volunteer Organization, from spiders collected in Brazos Bend State Park and identified using the above named sources.
© 2006 Brazos Bend State Park Volunteer Organization.

Updated: Aug 12, 2011