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Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad

Gastrophryne olivacea

Description - Body 7/8 - 1 1/2 inches (2.2 - 3.8 cm). It has an egg shaped body, pointed snout and a small head. Coloration is brown to gray with small black spots often appearing on its back. The underside is light colored with a darker throat patch on males.

Voice - A soft high pitched bleating with a buzzing resonance. Calls last between 1 - 4 seconds. Calls can be heard during the summer months after rainfall.

Habitat - Prefers grasslands and open damp woods. It will often use rodent and tarantula burrows for shelter. Hides beneath rocks, boards, tree bark and debris piles.

Breeding - Breeding takes place from March - September after heavy rains. Females lay eggs in a thin film on the surface of the water.

Range in Texas - It can be found over most of Texas with the exception of far West Texas and far East Texas.

Notes - The Narrowmouth Toad secrets a toxin from its skin glands making it distasteful to most predators. Keep your fingers away from your eyes and mouth after handling this toad, or you might experience a sharp burning sensation that can last up to an hour. This toad feeds primarily on ants and termites. This toad has not been found at Brazos Bend State Park, but has been found in Fort Bend County.

Updated: Aug 12, 2011