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Common Raccoon

Procyon lotor

Common Raccoon

Description – A medium sized mammal with blackish facial mask outlined by whitish fur. Bushy tail has black and whitish rings, tip of tail being black. Upper body parts have grayish to reddish tint with a grizzled effect. Head and body 46 – 71 cm. (18 – 28 in.); tail 20 – 30 cm. (8 – 12 in.); weight 5.4 – 15.8 kg. (12 – 35 lb.)

Distribution in Texas – Statewide.

Habitat – Mainly nocturnal inhabiting broadleaf woodlands near streams or other bodies of water. Dens are usually found in hollow logs or trees and in cracks and crevices of rocky bluffs.

Having five fingers on their fore-paws makes them adaptable hunter and foragers. Raccoons are mainly carnivorous, feeding mainly on crayfish, fish, birds and bird eggs as well as the occasional snake. However, the diet may be supplemented by just about anything including acorns, nuts, berries and fruits.

Breeding season begins in February and continues through August. Raccoons may have many different mating partners. There is only one litter per year averaging one to seven young usually born in April or May.

Updated: Aug 12, 2011