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Pond Life of Brazos Bend State Park

Copepods: Order Copepoda

Copepods are among the smallest crustaceans frequently found at Brazos Bend State Park. They are usually 1-2 mm long, including a long branched tail. Their bodies are oval shaped, and they have 2 long antennae. There is a dark eye spot on the head.

Female copepods of some species carry their eggs in 2 sacks that hang off of her tail.


Female copepod with egg sacs

Unusual greenish Copepod 1.2 mm long

Copepods swim in jerky motions. They feed on algae, bacteria and on decaying material floating in the water.

Copepod .7 mm long magnified 100 X.


Segmented Worms

Water Fleas


Updated: Aug 12, 2011