Brazos Bend State Park
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Twelve Trees of Brazos Bend State Park


Quereus macrocarpa

DECIDIOUS—Grows to 150 feet in height.

LEAVES: Large simple, alternate. Deep indentation near bottom. Lobes on top of leaf resemble a crown. Leaf dimensions 6-12” long, 3-6” wide. Smooth on top, hairy below.

BARK: Ash gray to brown-quite scaly, ridged. Branches have corky ridges.

FLOWERS: Male-green catkins. Female-reddish single spikes. Appear after leaves come out.

FRUIT: Large acorns which are 1 1/2-2” long, 1/2 enclosed in fringed cap. Mature in one year ripening in Aug.-Sept. The corns can be ground to make a flour. (The tannin must be removed before it can be used.)
Grows in rich bottomlands along streams or hillsides along spring fed rivers.

Bur oak trees are resistant to oak wilt disease.

USES: Wood is used as lumber, crossties and fuel. The lumber is used in cabinets and in shipbuilding.

A young tree is planted next to path to amphitheater. Mature trees can be found elsewhere in park.

Updated: Aug 12, 2011