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Aquatic Sow Bugs: Order Isopoda

Aquatic Sow Bugs (Isopods) are small crustaceans that are found in small bodies of water. They range in size from microscopic to 10 mm. Their bodies are segmented, with a large head and a large abdominal segment. The thorax has 7 segments, each with a pair of legs. The head has 2 pairs of antennae. On the end of the abdomen is a pair of forked appendages that resemble pincers.

Aquatic Sow bugs are closely related to terrestrial sow bugs, which are frequently found in grass and sidewalks, and are called pill bugs or rolly-pollies by children.


Aquatic Sow Bug 4 mm long.



Crayfish and Shrimp


Updated: Sep 06, 2011