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Pond Life of Brazos Bend State Park

Scuds: Order Amphipoda

Scud 3mm long

Scud are tiny shrimp that are very abundant in shallow ponds. They range in size from almost microscopic to about 15 mm long. Their bodies are segmented and covered with a shell. They have 7 pairs of legs and 2 pairs of antennae.

Scud 10 mm long

Scud usually crawl about but also swim. Because they swim on their sides, they are frequently called side swimmers.

They usually feed on detrius but they occasionally eat living prey. They have been observed attacking isopods, biting their heads off, then eating them.


Very small scud 1.7 mm long at 40 X magnification


Water Fleas

Aquatic Sow Bugs - Isopods


Updated: Aug 12, 2011